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From Mike's Desk:
Mike Shirley, AZ Certified Nurseryman

Au Naturel: Sustainable gardening with nature's pesticides

Instead of using man-made pesticides, try a more natural approach with...(read on)


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March 2010

From Mike's Desk:

Wow! It’s Springtime
In The High-Deserts of
Gila County, Arizona!

It’s time to get outside, expend some calories, to vegetable garden, spruce up your landscape or create your own small-scale farm. Our inventory is expanding with all of your favorite plants, seeds and poultry.

April-May is the best time of the year to start a warm-season vegetable garden (beans, corn, tomatoes, peppers, squash, melons, cucumbers and okra) in the high desert. We have several varieties of adaptable vegetable plants and seed to choose from. Container deciduous fruit, nut, shade, decorative trees and shrubs are breaking dormancy and can be transplanted successfully now.

If you want to raise poultry for fresh eggs or a hobby, April-Summer is a good time to start. Our brooders are loaded.

Landscapes also need constant upgrades. Whether it is desert or temperate plants, we carry an ever-expanding selection.

With over 25 years of intensive nursery experience, let us serve your outdoor homescape or small-scale farm needs.

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