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From Mike's Desk:
Mike Shirley, AZ Certified Nurseryman

Au Naturel: Sustainable gardening with nature's pesticides

Instead of using man-made pesticides, try a more natural approach with...(read on)


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February 2013

From Mike's Desk:

Backyard Farming: Practice Self-Reliance, Independence


In todays very tough economy, the idea of growing more of your own food has become very popular and rightfully so--quality food at affordable prices is difficult to find. With a little knowledge and sweat equity, you can be more independent, self-sufficient and improve your own health and economic circumstances.

Bareroot fruit, nut trees and small fruits are here now. Save money and plant bareroot. Also, baby pullets (egg layers) will be arriving in early February. Pre-paid orders for poultry are always available. And, don't forget to plant your sweetheart a bareroot rosebush from the Golden Hills Nursery. My inventory will arrive soon. We need food for the soul as well as food for the stomach!

Don't be held hostage by a fickle economy. Take control of your own food supply and live a healthier, smarter life starting now. From your own home-grown vegetables to farm fresh eggs, and fresh fruit picked off your own trees, becoming more self-sufficient is possible!

For more information, come on up to my nursery, call me at (928) 425-6004 or email me, Mike Shirley, at mike@goldenhillsnurseryaz.com I can help you!

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