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February 2011

From Mike's Desk:

The “Bare” Necessities:

Planting and caring tips for bareroot trees

Every January, I receive a large selection of fruit, shade, nut and flowering trees from California that arrive with no soil around the roots. They are essentially dormant. While dormant, many plants can be safely dug and re-planted. These hardy trees and shrubs are called “bareroots”. Properly planted and maintained, bareroots can produce fruit, shade or flowers in 3-5 years, depending on the species.

Planting and Caring for a Bareroot

Like a young child, bareroots require extra love and care the first year. Once purchased, thin and cut back at least one third of your plant. Never let a bareroot plant dry out. It is important to keep roots wet at all times.

The planting hole should be at least 2x wider than the root system and a little deeper. Place the bareroot plant on a mound of soil in the bottom of the hole and backfill with soil avoiding air pockets. Water the planted tree thoroughly to wet the whole root system. The tree should also be planted so the bud union is slightly above the soil line. Water the tree again in 24 hours, but do not water again until it starts to leaf out!

Once the tree is in good leaf, water needs will increase as the temperatures rise during the Arizona summer. I water my container trees 2x to 3x weekly thru the brunt of the summer, but every tree has unique watering needs. Remember, too much water will kill your tree!

By the middle of summer, when your tree has good amount of leaves, it’s time to fertilize. The fertilizer should be half strength and used once a month.

Again, the first year with your tree requires the most work. As your tree or shrub matures, it will require less effort. You will still need to water and fertilize, but not as frequently. In the end, your efforts will be repaid with a beautiful addition to your landscape.

If you would like more information on bareroots, or have any gardening questions or concerns – give me a call at (928) 425-6004 or email me at mike@goldenhillsnurseryaz.com

Happy Planting!

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